Our Leadership


Reach Church is a charity (CIO) and has a board of trustees who oversee the the legal, financial and organisational aspects of the church.  They also have a role in setting the vision and values of the organisation.

Our Trustees are:  Andy Chadwick (Chair), Chris O'Gorman and Margaret McGhee.

We also have a Core Team of leaders who support, advise and are active in the day-to-day running of the church ministries.

Our Core Team are: Andy & Jackie Chadwick, Chris & Sian O'Gorman, Gary & Jo Smith and John & Zea Grantham.

Our Staff.

Andy and Jackie Chadwick have been involved in church leadership since 2005 when they went out to live in Spain and plant a church.  Andy is employed full time as the Senior Pastor of the church, he is a Man City fan and loves playing the guitar and leading worship.  Having been a teacher for 20 years, Andy has a real heart for education and is a Governor at 2 local schools.

Jackie heads up our Community Garden project.  She loves rolling her sleeves up and seeing an area of ground transformed from drab weeds to flourishing with life and colour!  Jackie is also part of the leadership Core Team and is one of our regular Kids Church team members.

Zea Grantham is a very active member of our church community!  She heads up our foodbank, runs our admin and serves on our tech team and worship teams! (Photo to follow).